Pet Grooming


Lola Bell’s Pet Grooming offers full service pet grooming for all sizes dogs and cats.

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Each Pet Grooming will include a Bath, Ear Cleaning/Plucking,Nail Trim, and Haircut. All pets are handled with care and compassion.Pet Grooming Appointment can be made with  

Online Appointment Form

We take next day, same day grooming appointments

 Call Us, we can keep up with demand.

251 232 4754

All Grooming Prices are based on breed of dog or cat.
Small dogs will be less than medium dogs, which will be less than large
Good Pets are less than Bad Pets!
Managed Haircuts are less than Extreme haircuts!

Phone Quotes are not Guaranteed, “In Person” Pricing is Guaranteed.

We are competiviley price and do very quialty work. We use the best shampoos. We have our own blade sharpening maching for sharp blades and great hair cut. We have enough clipper blades that are sharp, so we will not use a hot blade on your pet. We have happy employees that treat our customers great.

Medical Shampoos on site.
Fleas Treatments and Specialty Shampoos are extra.
Hugs and Petting will be Free!
We do Just baths also.

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