Sharpening Services

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Current Pricing

Steel Blades – $10.00 per set

Ceramic Blades – $10.00 per set

Beveled Scissor – $10.00

Convex/Semi- $20.00

Clipper Repair – $25.00 plus parts

5-1 Blades – $10.00


Feature Product of the Month

Geib Buttercup Convex Straight, Curved and Chunkers

7.5″ Gator Set, 10″ Gator Set, & 8.5″ Gator Set

MSRetail $300.00


Welcome to the our sharpening services website. We offer a high quality personal service for pet groomers, veterinarians, barbers, beauticians and any stylist in need of sharpening shears and blade. We also repair clippers. We sell shears and blades. Our services can be completed same day to next day.


Beveled Scissors $10.00 each


Convex Scissors $20.00 each


Detachable Blades $7.50 each

Lola Bell’s Pet Inc. offers clipper blade sharpening services. We have a fully automated sharpening machine for superior sharpness.


Shears, Blades and Clippers



18 Midtown Park West

Mobile, Alabama 36606

Clipper Repair

Andis & Wahl clipper repair – $22.00* plus parts

Oster A5 and Classic 76 and other , and Laube Clippers – $25.00* plus part

*Please Note: All prices listed above are our service fees and do not include the cost of replacement parts which will vary from repair to repair.


Please contact us if you have any question (251) 232-4754 ex 4