Doggie Day Care

Just $25.00 for one pet per day.

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Lola Bell’s Day Care dog play areas and pet sitting services are offered at the pet facility. These services are available weekdays 7:30-5:30. No appointment necessary. With first visit a temperament test is mandatory for acceptance. Shot records will be required pending acceptance.

Doggie Day Care provides safe off-leash, social fun during rain or sunshine. There are three huge separated indoor and outdoor sections of small, medium and large areas for all sized dogs. We accept friendly, fun-loving and obedient dogs.

If a dog displays aggressive tendencies such as excessive fighting or biting they will be separated and owner may or may not be called to come pick up their dog. This does not include light rough housing or play biting.
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Packages That we offer. As of March 2021. Ask for more details. 

20 Credits=$250.00: expires in 16 weeks(112 days after first used, not purchase date)

15 Credits=$240.00: expires in 12 weeks(84 days after first used, not purchase date)

10 Credits=$225.00: expires in 7 weeks(49 days after first used, not purchase date)

5 Credits=$115.00: expires in 4 weeks(28 days after first used, not purchase date)

3 Credits=$72.00: expires in 10 days after first use, not purchase date

1 Credit=$25 expires when used.