Employee Guidelines

Good General Practices.

  1. Be courteous to the customer, they pay your bills.
  2. Be on time.
  3. Be prepared.
  4. Stay positive.
  5. Dress to impress.
  6. Be proactive, opposite of lazy.
  7. Always challenge yourself.
  8. Don’t waste your time.
  9. Don’t fear of change.
  10. Do it now before its to late.
  11. Work Hard.
  12. Failure is inevitable.
  13. Be creative.
  14. Take Action.
  15. Accept Criticism

Staff Development

5 week hands on training course that will all our services:

Pet Grooming, Pet Hotel, Doggie Day Care, Customer service, Quality Control

Please remember this is a HANDS-ON profession.

We are a growing business with high demand for all our services.

Happy Customers = Happy Employees

1st week: Pet Drying- Hands on 100% drying techniques, nails, brushing out.

2nd week: Pet Bathing- Effectiveness (clean, no eye or butt boogers, smells good)

3rd week: Pet Hotel- Cleanliness, organization, kennel cards. 

4th week: Doggie Day Care- Authoritative, energetic, daycare pictures, clean yards

5th week: Gingrapp Introduction & Customer Service- In and out take, right dogs to the right owner, quality control on grooming(double check nails, haircut, bows, perfume)

Pet Drying

  • Learning how to properly use a hair dryer and the difference between hand dryer and stand dryer.
  • Getting the pet 100% dry on dryers, swivel hook, (all areas: head, feet, and body, etc.)
  • Identifying hair types. Meaning the difference between “hair” and “fur”, and the specific needs of each coat. (blowing out VS. furminating)
  • Properly learning how to brush out a dog before it goes for a haircut. Meaning how to brush out curly coats, de tangle any knots, tangles, or pre severe matting.
  • How to appropriately cut and dremel nails, and when to use Quikstop.

Pet Washing

  • Start with the ear hair. Apply provided chalk powder and learn which hair is necessary to pull.
  • Apply face shampoo and remove facial gunk.
  • Follow with our deodorizing “Blue” shampoo. Take the time to learn about our de shed and medicated shampoos that are only applied when necessary.
  • Learn how to recognize fleas and ticks and how to administer a Capstar when presented.
  • It is mandatory to know all of our shampoos and their uses. Also how to mix shampoos for house use when they are running low. Mixing chart provided.
  • Like stated above, knowledge of shampoos is very important. Should know to mix and dilute different medicated shampoos and what to use for which conditions the pet has present. 
  • Problem areas: Identify when any pump bottle or hose is not working and how to fix it.

Pet Hotel

  • Hotel duties start at 7:30. Begin with letting all boarding dogs outside for morning bathroom break in appropriate yards.
  • While dogs are outside for break, dump out old water and food and replace with clean water and fresh breakfast food.
  • Clean any soiled kennels with the appropriate cleaning agent and our push brooms. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out any chemicals with the hose before bringing any dogs back inside.
  • Before bringing the dogs back inside, collect pictures with your phone to upload and assign so they can be sent out to the owners.
  • Bring dogs back inside and place back into assigned kennels.
  • If anyone is registered for daycare for the day, put them into appropriate yards to go with the other daycare dogs.
  • If anyone is registered for a grooming for the day, place them in the bathtubs to be prepared for their grooming appointment.
  • We will be expanding our operation into 14 midtown park west in 2021. We will be offering luxurious boarding.

Doggie Day Care

  • Introduction to the A, B, C, D yards.
  • Daycare starts in the morning with taking in and placing dogs in the correct kennels on the first two runs (1-18).
  • As soon as boarding duties are completed, the daycare yards are set up by placing down water bowls and toys. 
  • Assign dogs to the correct yards. Smalls go in A and B, mediums in C, bigs in D.
  • Dogs should be monitored AT ALL TIMES. If a dog is playing too hard or becoming defensive with another dog, move it to a different but appropriate yard. If hostile behavior continues, put it away in a kennel provided with a fresh bowl of water.
  • The idea of daycare is to play with the dogs so they are tired at the end of the day. Keep them moving with toys, balls, and other ways of activity.
  • Take pictures throughout your time in a daycare yard. You will be shown how to properly upload and assign them for the secretary to send out to pet owners.
  • If a bathroom mess happens inside, place all dogs outside with the gate shut and appropriately clean up how you will be shown.

Be mindful that dogs have a brain of their own and can be stubborn or strong willed at times. Authoritative, but respectful, behavior is mandatory to keep yourself or others from being taken advantage of.

Gingr App Introduction & Customer Service

  • This is an overview of our electronic system that will help you accomplish your duties in other areas of the facility. Everyone has an account and works from this portal. You can access this through desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 
  • GingrApp shows you who is checked in, the date that they leave, and the services they are signed up for during their stay, as well as medication assignments.
  • GingrApp is also where you will upload and assign report cards of specific dogs that will be sent to their owners of their stay at Lola Bells Pet, Inc.
  • A brief rundown of customer service is how to gather a dog’s belongings (which letter hook) and to locate the right dog to the owner on departure. 
  • If it is a groom dog, before the dog enters the front to go home, make sure the nails are cut, nothing is bleeding, everything is clean and precise. Bow are not Missing. (QUALITY CONTROL)
  • Same goes for daycare or boarding clients, make sure the dog has no injuries and has the correct belongings it was dropped off with. (QUALITY CONTROL)

Once you have an understanding of all of the duties here at Lola Bell’s, you will be moved around to areas where help is needed at the time. Help is always available.

Remember to have fun!