Sharpening Information & Notes

This page is intended for notes on how to sharpend scissors and blades with the use of other devices.




When you want to provide the absolute best edge possible on high end convex shears, look no further than the Wolff Industries Hira-To® Scissors Sharpening System. The Hira-To® is designed to sharpen and convex beauty, barber, and grooming scissors. It is easier, faster, and more precise when sharpening convex scissors than traditional systems.

The Hira-To® is a single head flat hone designed to recreate the factory look and edge on high end convex or semi-convex beauty, barber, and grooming scissors. It was developed with a focus on the fixture and arm assembly. The Hira-To® fixture is ergonomically contoured to fit the natural curvature of the sharpener’s hand, offering sharpeners of many skill levels the opportunity to match the free-hand style used by Japanese bladesmiths. Both right and left hand shears can be sharpened at any angle ranging from 25° to 65°.

This sharpener is the most advanced single head flat hone on the market with multi-direction switching, 0-2500 RPM variable speed, and electronic shaft break. It is compatible with pressure sensitive adhesive discs as well as hook and loop discs.

The Hira-To® Professional Sharpening System comes with either hook and loop discs or pressure sensitive adhesive pads.

Overview Video

This video shows an overview of how to sharpen stylist shears for the beauty industry on the Hira-To® Sharpening System. This system is designed to recreate the convex edge and restore a shear back to factory specs.

Applying Diamond Paste

Questions come up from time-to-time about the proper way to apply diamond paste to the felt disc on the Hira-To®. This short video will walk you through the steps.

Restoring a thinning shear

Restoring a thinning shear is simple with Wolff equipment. This video will show you the steps involved in repairing a thinner with a bent tooth.

Restoring A Beauty Shear

Occasionally you will run across a shear that has been badly damaged by a previous sharpener. This video will walk you through a number of steps involved in bring a badly damaged shear back to life.