Leslie Sealy

Kennel Master, Pet Bather, Hand Dryer, Customer Service, General Staff

  1. Keep a positive attitude at Lola Bell’s Pet Facility. Smiling is encouraged.
  2. We care about every pet that comes to our facility just like it would be our own pet. You can wash and groom your own pets after work.
  3. This is a sales driven company. We encourage a steady pace. We have trademarked our brand so that we can continue offer what we think is the best pet care services around. We are in high demand for our quality services.
  4. Be on time for your shift. If you are late, text or call your manager.
    1. 251 232 4743 Glynn
    2. 251 445-8007 Courtney
  5. Bring a DOCTORS note if you are sick, every time. Unexcused tardiness and unexcused absents are not good.
  6. A time stamp will appear on two emails. To your email and the managers email. We both will have an electronic copy. Email must be provide first in comment bar below.
  7. Your are encourage to talk about work at work. Be courteous to fellow staff member physically, mentally and verbally. Please allow personal problems to be dealt with outside of work on your own time.
  8. You are encouraged to perform your duties at a good pace for the entire day. We have put the best people in the right places to complete the services demanded.
  9. Please understand that your performance helps and hurts each other ability to perform at a high quality of service for our customers. This company feeds a lot of mouths.
  10. Payroll is based on a Friday to Thursday to calculate weekly hours. Money will distributed on Friday of the same week with Paychex.com payroll services. Paychex.com has individual secure portals for each staff member. Each Staff member can view current and past pay stub with deductions.
  11. Please select shift before and submit.