Doggie Day Care


4 Huge Yards, inside and outside. 12,000sqft

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Lola Bell’s Pet, Inc. doggie day care is located on 3/4 acres of indoor and outdoor play areas. Off leash play time is for dogs of all sizes. We have 4 inside yards to group dogs into same size and nature. All dogs must go through a temperament test for the first visit at no charge. Just stop in with your dog for this temperament test.  If we see that your pet is non-aggressive towards other with will then introducing your dog into the group that is suitable. Bring y our shot record with you for the temperament test. Monthly warmers will need to be up to date. We sell large size worms for $6.25 and Medium to small for $5.00. We also sell annual booster (parvo) vaccines and bortatella (cannine-kennel cough) vaccines.

Activity during the day for your pet to enjoy. We have a diverse clinical and always welcome new dog to our group.



First of all, you will need to ask your dog if they want to go to Lola Bell’s ? Most responsive phrase going. Then, your dog knows what happening today.

  1. arrive at facility, get checked in for an awesome day of doggie day care.
  2. Outside walk for bathroom time.
  3. Fill up all the kiddy pools for lots of water to drink
  4. Inside play and chase with other dogs of same nature and size.
  5. Treat time every two hours for only the one who sit on command
  6. Run and fetch time with as many tennis ball as we can get, thanks to the donations of the City of Mobile Tennis Club.
  7. Lunch time if owner choose to bring food. Most don’t.
  8. Outside walk for bathroom time and cleaning time
  9. Treat time again for only those who “SIT” on command
  10. Again Chase time with all the dogs your dog meet today
  11. Departure time, Open until 5:30 pm during the week
  12. End of the day clean up by the fun staff, we like our place to be clean so we clean it.
  13. At home you should a much calmer exercise pet.